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October Fall have officially broken up.

October Fall Break Up

Message From The Band October Fall is no longer a band. The founding 2 members of the band Pat D'andrea and Clark Harrison are moving on in a new direction. Pat is doing his own project ARCHIE STAR which you can check out @

Clark is now living in L.A. working in the recording business
and has started a new band
Check out his myspace @

All other members have gone their seperate ways and Pat and Clark wish them the best of luck.

Keep an eye on Pat and Clark's solo projects. Even though October Fall is no longer. Put money down on the fact that Pat and Clark will put out another record in the years to come.

I would also like to thank Fueled by Ramen, John Janick and Pete Wentz for giving October Fall the opportunity that they have.

Keep Dreaming in the summer
-Pat D'Andrea-

source = http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=269472
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